“This would be a great Tribute to an important part of California’s rich surfing heritage.” Stephen N, Oceanside.
“Hope this happens.” Leslie F, Stanford.
“I’ve surfed in cal. for 60 years and I have gone to every Bruce Brown movie he made !!! His movies are classics We want this License Plate.” Terry L, Seal Beach.
“Beautiful. Please sign me up!!!” Michelle R, Crescent City.
“Mahalo.” Alan Jardine – co-founder of The Beach Boys.
“Can’t Wait!”. Karen Y, Malibu.
“Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!!” Kinzey R, Anchorage.
“Very cool plate” Marilyn Ribera, Huntington Beach.
“Great idea ! This would represent perfectly California ! Thank you!” Philippe T, Woodland Hills.
“LOVE the design!!!! So awesome!”, Heather B, Los Angeles.
“I Would love this plate!”, Robert Harr, Chino.
“Stoked!” Marty Imes, Arroyo Grande.
“Love it!” Gary K, San Francisco.
“Can’t wait for these new plates!” Daniel F, Calimesa.
“This is one of the more amazing and meaningful plates I have seen. Thank you for putting this together.” Jack W, Fountain Valley
“Love it!” Jim S, Pollock Pines.
“Yes! Please!!” Scott K, Santa Ana.
“Tubular!” John S, Claremont.
“As a SHACC member, older surfer, and fan of everything “Endless Summer” since the original documentary, this is a wonderful way to honor our recently lost Bruce, Mike, Robert, and Jan. They are California’s, and the world’s, first surf ambassadors.” William R, Solvang.
“Great idea! Let’s get it done!” John H, Palmdale.
“This absolutely has to go through. Bruce Brown was an amazing person and deserves to be honored in this way.” Chris B, El Cajon.
“This is wonderful – and a fitting tribute to Bruce Brown.” Anne B, Monrovia.
“Awesome!” Mary G, Huntington Beach.
“This is a beautiful plate, I think it represents California life style.” Jeffrey C, Aromas.
“Sixpack!” Eddie H, Ventura.
“Fantastic concept!!!” Suzannah S, La Jolla.
“I’ve surfed Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, in the 60s before I went into the Air Force (and Vietnam Vet) and I still surf Doheny today. I gotta have one of these plates. Long overdue.” Terrence A, Arleta.
“Surf’s up.” Manny G, Fallbrook.
“The most beautiful license plate I have ever seen!” Daniela V, Long Beach.
“I was born, raised and still surf here. I saw, “The Endless Summer” when it first came out in ’66 and since then it has defined my character. I’d like the plate on the back of my Vette so the cops chasing me will have a bit of a smile.” Pamela M, Valencia.
“I would love to put this on my 1960 VW Single Cab.” David W, San Diego.
“These look amazing!” Andy G, Ukiah.
“Thank You!” Alan W, Buellton.
“YES!” Jason K, Sherman Oaks.
“Thanks for doing this!” Mel T, Santa Monica.
“This is so cool. Can’t wait to get a custom plate for my new surf wagon.” Craig T, Dana Point.
“Can’t wait!!!!!  My FAVE poster and movie ever!” Debra Lee M, La Jolla.
“This is a great Plate.” David M, Beaumont.
“Would be perfect on my SUP carrying SUV. Thanks!” Bella F, San Rafael.
“This is awesome!” Scott V, San Clemente.
“will be totally stoked to get this 🙂 thanks!” Rhona Rubio, Los Angeles.
“Need this!! It’s perfect for Californians.” Charlene A, Canoga Park.
“How soon is this coming out???? I love it!!” Diana Carolina M, Tustin.
“This plate is gnarly.” Justin R, Huntington Beach.
“Grew up in Newport…would be a great plate!! I’m in!!!” Dennese M, Yucaipa.
“Very cool license plate.” De Z, Whittier.
“Born and raised in Southern California on the coast. Would love to be reminded of what makes our state so special. Thank you!” Joanne O, Dana Point.
“Would love this!” Robert P, Santa Monica.
“Cowabunga California!” Phyllis H, San Diego
“Thank you, thank you.” Lisa W, Newport Beach.
“This is long overdue.” Troy H, Los Angeles
“Mahalo!” Corey H, San Pedro.
“I love surfing, I love surf culture and how important it is to Southern California, and I feel that this license plate would be an awesome way to show our pride for surf and California culture, with such an Iconic film.” James B, Orange.
“Awesome!” Dennis D, San Diego.
“Great looking plate for an amazing cause. Please allow this awesome plate happen. Thank you and aloha.” Thomas W, San Pedro.
“Dude!” William P, Sierra Madre.
“This is terrific!!!” Michael K, Monarch Beach.
“Rad! Love both the look and the tribute to Bruce Brown. RIP.” Garet P, Atascadero.
“!!!Love it!” Cody H, Ventura.
“YES, Finallly a killer tag for my ride!!!” Tom R, San Diego.
“We need this in California, Florida SHOULD NOT be the state with this plate. California is the home of surfing.” Dale S, Buena Park.
“Cowabunga!” Dennis W, San Bernadino.
“If you like pina coladas!!! Better approve this plate.” Jesus C, Anaheim.
“Florida has one and they’re not even in the movie!  Thanks in advance.” Jim F, Long Beach.
“Yeeeee-hooooooo!!” Gabriel R, Burbank.
“Love it!” David M, Simi Valley.
“So stoked!” Ty T, Bakersfield.
“Let’s do this!” Jason Z, Los Angeles.